The First Diary in English

This is my first diary written in English. Then it comes that, why is it in English? I think I can pretend to be not ‘low’ in this way. The word ‘low’ represent a small height in its original meaning, and has the meaning ‘poor performance’ in Chinese web language. I tried to write my thought in Baidu Tieba, but I feel it not well.

Another reason is that, I want more people understand me as many as posiible. I think English is a bridge connecting many people’s thought. When I use English to write, I feel relaxing, because English isn’t my mother language and I can make many sorts of mistake. I don’t care others say my essay is in Chinglish. I think Chinglish is a imprtant branch of English. In Addition, I have nothing to repair it. English teaching in Celestial classes is so impractical and useless. I can write anything I want, and write in any style, because I don’t write for scores. I hate that in my high school time, my teachers force me to write in a certain format. However, I can ignore them now.

I am a college student in Celestial Empire now. Same to many other students, I had no time to study computer knowledge and set this blog when I was in high school. Due to the cruel competition and huge pressure of CEE, I had to spent all my time in high school courses. In other word, I started late, which is one of my pities forever.