Zichen Zhang, Undergraduate
| 1851 0338 119 | Beijing, China, 86
JianHelper, Zichen Zhang 2016-01
  • A crawler for jianshu.com generating EPUB
Data Mining Toolbox Based on RMP, Zichen Zhang 2016
  • My graduation project, not finished yet
MicroCampus, Zichen Zhang 2015-07
  • An android app for campus navigation
Firmament, Zichen Zhang 2014-07
  • An automatic signer for Tieba
Routine Manager, Zichen Zhang 2014-07
  • A daily routine manager for person on PC and android
Mini BASIC Interpreter, Zichen Zhang 2013-11
  • A reduced BASIC Interpreter witten in C++
China Students Service Outsourcing Innovation Competition, 6th, Group second prize 2015-07
  • Won the prize with MicroCampus. I wrote most part of android app in the group.
Shanghai Jiao Tong University 2013-09-2016-06
Bachelor Minor in Journalism and Communication
Shanghai Jiao Tong University 2012-09-2016-06
Bachelor Major in Software Engineering
Lang (intermediate): C++, Java, C#, PHP, Python, JavaScript
Web (beginner): Spring + Mybatis (for Java), Flask (for Python), Node.js
App (intermediate): Android, WinForm (for PC)
Tool (intermediate): Git, Linux, Fiddler
Reverse engineering on x86 and Android (beginner):
Data Mining (beginner):
Programming [ Backend , Mobile and PC app , Reverse Engineering , Web Security , GUI ] , Others [ Piano , Orienteering , Computer Game ]